This is film-gold. It's whip-smart, totally hilarious and amusing, and, what's the most important it has one of the best acting ensembles of any film I have seen this year. I can heartly say I recommend to all movie fans to watch is free at mudassirsalman02

Just finished the book...can't wait to see this! Although it seems a lot has been changed with things added too, which is a bit upsetting...but still can't wait to see it! The actors look EXACTLY they way they are described in the book, it's freaky! Support4MySingers

This is for me a deeply American movie about a uniquely human rights.. This movie proves that second chances in our lifes can takes you on a joyous journey that makes you better man. For me, this is one of the top movies of 2011. Watch this for free at! Debopriya09

See this movie for free at!!!! Yep, you will laugh, you will cry, you will jump, you will be without any will just be so happy while watching it because every new minute you won't know what is going to be... So good... Blockbuster for me! Do not stay on this is good, but the movie is better!joneskites

I like stories that genuinely adds a layer of freshness to the experience, right from the opening frames when we fly into the heart of the film. This story totaly moved me and my friends...and we almost didn't watch it.. Now I can tell it will be such a shame not to watch it. SEE it at!graceemale



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